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Welcome to the Department of Geomatics Engineering,

Our department was established in 1992 under the name of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering Department; In 2013, parallel to the developments in the world and in our country, it was named as Geomatic Engineering. In 1993, master's degree, in 1994 degree and in 2005 doctorate program was opened and continues its educational and research activities.

Our academic staff consists of experienced faculty members and staff who have experience of doctorate and research abroad, maintain international cooperation, represent our country in international professional organizations such as ISPRS and FIG, carry out domestic and international research and development projects, and occasionally enrich with foreign faculty members.

MÜDEK is one of the rare departments which has accreditation certificate for five years. It has the EUR-ACE label of the European Union and is included in the FEANI database. With the undergraduate programs, the process of achieving the targeted outcomes is continuously monitored and examined; thus, necessary studies are carried out for the improvement of our program. In addition, the commissions formed under the total quality management agreement ensure that all operations in the Department are maintained in a healthy and regular manner, and the activities carried out through regular Quality Accreditation Board meetings are monitored.

Our department not only conducts education and research activities, but also hosts many national and international scientific and social activities.

Our department tries to establish a strong communication with our prospective students, current students, alumni and everyone interested in our department, especially through social network accounts.
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